SBI! Mail

SBI! Mail is a way to both handle your email (through your browser) and protect yourself against spam and viruses. It has two major sections.

Spam 'n Virus Blast It! (SVBI!)

SVBI! is a simple system that eliminates spam and viruses. Like anything in Solo Build It!, it takes a bit of work to set up and then SBI! automates the rest.

No gray-zone "junk mail" folders. Bad mail is deleted. Good mail reaches you. Period.

Here's how it works....

You set up your email accounts, adding wormholes to certain accounts.

For email to reach you, the sender must send mail that is both TO one of your email accounts, and FROM an address that's on your whitelist, unless the account has a wormhole (see below).

SVBI! refuses all other mail (it sends a "return-to-sender" refusal message to give the human, non-automated sender a last chance to whitelist with you (more on this below).

To learn about SVBI!, including setting up your accounts, click here.


This is where you handle your day-to-day email... inbound, outgoing, filing/storage, address book, etc.

To begin using the new Webmail, click here. You must have set up some email accounts in SVBI! before you can use the new Webmail.

To begin using the old Webmail, click here. You must have set up some email accounts in SVBI! before you can use Webmail.

But let's first start you off with...

The Simple Steps to a Spam-Free Life

Directions for Use
  • Remove all live email links from your site's pages.
  • Set up your email accounts in SVBI!. Add wormholes as needed.
  • Set up your whitelist.

1) Take all email address links off your site -- this keeps spambots off your back. Use Form Build It! contact forms instead.

2) Set up your email accounts in Spam 'n Virus Blast It! -- only people who know these account addresses can reach you. So do not post them on the Web for spambots to use.
Click here for full details.

As you create each account, decide whether it needs a wormhole (this cannot be added later). A wormhole allows you to receive email from addresses not on your whitelist.

Use wormhole accounts when applying to Google AdSense, or applying to become an affiliate for a company. But use them carefully -- sloppy use can result in spam to your accounts.
Click here for full details.

3) Set up your whitelist (e.g., export your Outlook email address book and import that into SVBI!) -- only addresses on your whitelist can email you.
Click here for full details.

And that's it!

SVBI! manages your email accounts and whitelist automatically after your initial setup (e.g., it adds addresses from Form Build It!, newsletter subscription, Content 2.0 submissions, etc., to your whitelist). You can also manually fine-tune as much as you like.