Form Build It!

With Form Build It!, you can...

Form Build It! Library is where you create/edit/deactivate/reactivate/delete each form, as well as the rest of the process that follows after submitting it...

The combined effect is very flexible and powerful.

The library is also where you can change the default text found in all of your forms.

The Four Categories of Forms

Although there's no limit to the ways you can use forms on your website, they all fall into one of four categories...

Let's look a bit closer at each type...

1) The "Contact Us" or Feedback Form...

Creating a "feedback" form on your site allows your visitors to contact you, while eliminating the need to post an email address on your site.

This prevents spam bots from harvesting your email address and adding it to various lists. The email address of any visitor submitting a form is also added automatically to your Spam 'n Virus Blast It! whitelist.

This allows you to build your relationship by email, if they agree to your continued sending of emails. (The EU's General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, requires that you abide by their wishes regarding your contact.)

Feedback forms can be as basic as a simple contact form, or as involved as a detailed registration form. You can even use a form for the basis of a pay-per-lead monetization model, where you collect data about prospects for an offline partner.

You must make this very clear in the privacy section of the form, due to GDPR requirements of full transparency about how you use visitors' personal information.

Would you like to know each time a form is submitted? Choose the Notification option. FBI! also lets you send a confirmation email to the visitor who submitted it. This is especially handy if you're collecting registrations, reservations, or leads for a partner.

2) The Sequential Autoresponder Email Series

Providing a free e-course delivered over a series of days or weeks is a great way to maintain sustained contact, keeping your site, and your offers, in the forefront of your new visitor's mind.

E-courses also go a long way towards establishing the credibility and trust required to build a successful relationship between you and your potential customer.

Or provide an ongoing series of tips to your subscribers over a period of time (e.g., once a week for 6 months).

3) The Visitor Survey or Poll Form

With FBI!, you can create custom form fields (text, radio buttons, drop down menus, or checkboxes) to create a small poll or advanced survey of your visitors. All submitted data is stored in your database for your use.

You can also present your visitor with all the data compiled so far (a strong motivator to complete your poll) -- the current results, if you like.

4) The Finder/Referrer Form

Information publishers can further monetize their traffic by developing "pay-per-sale" or "pay-per-lead" referral programs with related offline merchants.

This form collects information specifically related to the service the merchant provides, and forwards that information to the merchant, who then follows up with your lead.

Make sure you send a "CC" to yourself, so you can check up on your partners now and then. And, as noted above, make it very clear that their information will be going to a third party with a cc to you.

An Overview of the Process

The data collection and follow-up response process follows an easy-to-understand sequence of events...

  1. Build (or edit) the required form with the help of Form Builder in the Form Build It! Library. Ensure that you include the GDPR privacy statement checkboxes (these are covered in the FormBuilder help, which you'll be reading later).

  2. Place the form on your site using BlockBuilder's FBI! Form Block. Or add the form's tag (which you'll find in the Upload Your Own HTML module) to your page, if you upload your own HTML.

    Very Important Note if You Upload Pages

    If yours is an older site, and you added forms the old way, by copying the code generated by UYOH when you clicked a button, those forms will not update with the new GDPR checkboxes. You must replace the FBI! code with the tag for each page with a form.

    See the UYOH help for details on how to generate the tag.

  3. Your visitor fills in your form. S/he may also sign up for your newsletter, if you added that option to your form.

  4. S/he sees the Thank You Page (either the default message, or one that you customized).

  5. Optional -- She receives an autoresponder email that you created (customizable, using a single message or double-opt-in sequential messages).

  6. Optional -- Solo Build It! sends a notification email to you (and others, if requested).

  7. SBI! stores data in your database (click on the Get Form Data button in the BusinessCenter of Site Central).

  8. You review and analyze your data report, and act accordingly.

Now that you have the "big picture," you're ready to begin building a form.

Click on the Create a New Form button at the top or bottom of the FBI! Library page and you're off and running.