Upload Includes, Images and Supporting Files

The page you just uploaded has images and supporting files (such as SBI! Includes). That's why you have another step before you complete the process.

This is where Solo Build It! lists all of the properly referenced SBI! Includes, images and supporting files associated with this page. (So if a certain image is not on the list, check back to see how you referenced it.)

Whether for Includes, images, or supporting files, you'll see three columns...

example of image upload screen

Directions for Use
  • Review the list of files, checking for missing ones.
  • Click the Browse button (Choose File in Safari) to upload each file where the Status says please upload.
  • If you have uploaded images, click Preview to check that they're the most current versions.
  • Click on Upload These Files to upload all associated files.

1) File Name: This column shows the name of each image or supporting file as indicated in your HTML.

2) Status: This column shows whether or not a file has been saved to the SBI! servers (a please upload or a good).

If this is the first time you're uploading a page, chances are you'll have to upload most files. However, as your site grows, more and more of your required files will already be available in SBI!.


3) Browse column: If SBI! needs a supporting file uploaded (or if you decide to add newer versions), click the Browse button (Choose File if using Safari). Then select the indicated supporting file. Once all of the files have been selected, click on the Upload These Files button to transfer them to SBI!.

If SBI! detects any errors (i.e., you selected the wrong file), you'll receive an error message. Otherwise, this page will refresh, ready to preview and analyze.

Editing a Page

Are you editing or modifying only the text of this page? You don't have to upload the supporting files already stored on SBI!'s servers again. Instead, use Quick Upload It! to upload just the page file.