Redirecting SBI! Mail

Would you prefer to receive all incoming email to your SBI! domain at another email address? If so, SBI! Mail can redirect it to the external address of your choice (i.e., Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, your POP account, etc.).

Note: This is not the same as changing your MX record and sending/receiving mail through Zoho Mail or Click here for information about MX It!.

Just tell SVBI! where to send all inbound mail. Enter the "destination email address" in the box that appears to the right of "Redirect ALL Email to". (Enter it accurately or someone else might get your mail if you enter a typo!)

You can always return here and change the redirect address to a different one. And you can change back to receiving all email at SBI! Mail by deleting the redirect address in the entry box (leaving it blank), and clicking the Redirect to this Address button.

Redirecting If You Turn Off Whitelist-Filtering

If you turn off whitelist-filtering, you may only redirect to a "mailwashing" (spam-filtering) service, which will then redirect it to where you want it to go.


Because the non-whitelist-filtered email may contain spam and viruses.

Whitelist-filtered email is clean mail. So you may redirect that mail anywhere.

But the redirect function is not meant to send potential spam. What happens if you do not want to whitelist-filter and want to redirect that non-filtered inbound email?

Large amounts of spam may be redirected. Unfortunately, the receiving email service (free services like Yahoo! Mail or Gmail, as well as large ISPs like AOL or Comcast) will think that you are spamming it. Yes, it rightfully concludes that you are sending that mail since it technically is coming from you.

They will think that you're a spammer and will start blocking email that you send. Worse still...

If enough SBIers did it, they would ultimately blame SBI! Mail servers.

And that is bad for all SBIers. So...

If you do not whitelist-filter, Solo Build It! allows redirects only to, our chosen third-party "spamwashing service" (more on POBox below) that specifically eliminates spam and then sends it ahead to your ultimate redirect destination.

SBI! Recommendation

If you do redirect, never redirect business mail to a free-mail account like Yahoo! Mail, Gmail or Accounts like these are fine for personal use, but not for business.

Think about it. How seriously would you take a business proposal that comes from a Yahoo! address?

Redirecting With

If you have compelling reasons to redirect your inbound email and do not want to whitelist-filter your mail, we have the solution for you...


If you do whitelist-filter, the following discussion does not apply. You may redirect whitelist-filtered email anywhere.'s filtering/washing of email is excellent.'s service acts as an intermediary between SBI!'s mail server and your email's final destination. They filter your emails for spam and viruses before forwarding them on to whatever address you like.

So if you want to redirect and turn off whitelisting, set up your account by clicking the link below. You get a 30-day free trial before paying.

Click here to learn more about

When you're done, come back to SVBI! and forward your SBI! email to your new email address.

That's it! Your mail is clean and redirected to your desired ultimate destination.

Note: When using this service, redirect SBI! email to "" SBI! accepts only the domain for redirecting mail if you turn off whitelist-filtering.