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Add to Whitelist

Use this page to add email addresses to your whitelist. Spam 'n Virus Blast It! (SVBI!) will allow email from people entered here to reach you, as long as they send the mail to an existing email account.

SVBI! refuses email that is not sent to an existing email account and that does not come from a whitelisted address. If an email is not from a whitelisted address, the message in the refusal (that bounces back to the sending address) tells the sender what to do...

Click here for more information about this.

There are two ways that you can use this page to manually add email addresses to your whitelist...

1) Add Address

Copy and paste (or type in) up to 100 email addresses, one per line, into the Add Addresses data entry box. Then click the Add Addresses to Whitelist button.

2) Upload Address List

Prepare a text file from your mail client, Excel, or wherever else you keep a contact list of email addresses. Put one address per line, for example...

All set with the text file? Close this page and then click on the Browse button (Choose File if you're using Safari).

Browse to the file and complete the process. Once that's done, click on the Upload Addresses to Whitelist button.

Special Note

If you want to whitelist an entire domain, enter "" For example, if you want to whitelist all of, enter ""

However, we strongly suggest that you do not whitelist entire domains. Unless you're comfortable with the business in question or are familiar with all of the people at a particular site, you could be defeating the purpose of whitelisting.