Choosing the Best Email System for Your Needs

As an online businessperson, you need the professionalism of receiving and sending mail from your domain name.

Solo Build It! offers that with SBI! Mail.

Not everyone has the same needs or wants, however. If that's you, MX It! lets you use Zoho Mail or another service (Google for Business, POBox or others) with your domain name.

Zoho Mail provides many useful tools, the most valuable of which is the ability to receive and send email from your domain name.

MX It! makes it as painless as possible to make the switch to Zoho Mail (or another email provider).

If you're a new SBIer and just registered your domain name, we recommend that you start with SBI! Mail. Why? Because your email needs are simple at the beginning.

When you need more advanced services, decide which to use according to your needs. SBIers generally have 1 of the following 5 email system needs...

  1. Solopreneur with little need for email (e.g., an infopreneur, who bases her site on ads or affiliate products for revenue and therefore has little customer contact).

  2. Solopreneur who needs filing/sorting capabilities.

  3. Solopreneur who wants to receive/send mail from a desktop mail app (e.g., Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail), with little need for Web-based mail.

  4. Solopreneur who wants total control over all incoming emails (e.g., wants to review all spam mail, too).

  5. A business person with employees, who needs an individual email account with separate login for each person.

Here is our recommendation for each type of user.

Solopreneur -- Has Little Need for Business Email

If you don't expect to send or receive much mail, at least at the beginning, start with (or stick with) SBI! Mail.

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Solopreneur -- Needs Filing/Sorting Capabilities

If your ISP allows it, use Zoho Mail, changing the POP and SMTP settings, and using your client-side email application to send and receive mail, using that application's filing/sorting system for your mail.

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Important Note

Zoho's free plan, for up to 5 email addresses, is Webmail only. If you want to use it from your computer's mail app, you'll have to purchase a plan.

Solopreneur -- Wants to Use a Desktop Mail Application

Some SBIers neither need nor want to use Web-based email. Both SBI! Mail and Zoho Mail allow for POP (getting mail) and SMTP (sending mail) setup in a desktop application (e.g., Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail).

However, since some ISPs don't permit the SMTP part (sending) due to worries about spam being sent through their servers, you might not be able to use either SBI! Mail from your client-side application.

Use SBI! Mail's Webmail, or Zoho Mail instead.

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Solopreneur -- Needs Total Control Over Incoming Mail

If you want total control over all mail that's sorted to Junk, you'll want to use Zoho Mail.

It filters most of the spam into a separate (Junk) folder, which you can review at any time. If you find a message that you need, simply move it to the Inbox.

Business Person -- Has Employees and Needs an Account for Each

SBI! Mail places all mail into one Inbox, accessed by one username and password. If you're a solopreneur or have a single partner who shares the work, that's fine.

But if you have employees, you need to set up multiple accounts with Zoho Mail (up to 5 free accounts), each with separate username and password. (Or use Google for Business or another paid mail service.)

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A Final Word

We recommend Zoho Mail over other systems because it offers up to 5 free accounts.

But if you're a solopreneur with simple needs, SBI! Mail should meet your needs.