Proper Browser and System Settings

To give you fast, cutting-edge functionality with the click of a button, and the best user experience possible, our tech team uses advanced JavaScript and AJAX. Older browsers do not interpret advanced programming well.

Please make sure that you're using a modern browser so that the software in Solo Build It! (SBI!) and the SiteSell Affiliate Program work as intended. We only support the most recent and next most recent versions of each browser...

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Browser

Reduce Browser Plugins/Toolbars and Get Rid of Spyware/Adware

It's very easy to "load" up with extraneous software. Plugins, toolbars and spy/adware all use up RAM. Brainstorm It! and SiteBuilder keep huge amounts of data in memory. Their performance suffers if your browser does not "leave" enough RAM for SBI! to work well.

Minimal system configuration to run SBI! are: Windows 8, Mac OS X, or Linux, with at least 2 GB of RAM. If you're at the minimum of 2 GB, keep browser plug-ins and/or extensions to a minimum, and close all other browser windows.

If you can't get rid of plugins and extensions, consider installing a memory cleaner on your computer. Whenever you see that your memory is running low, click on the number to free up some RAM.

Allow Pop-Ups

SBI! sometimes needs to open a new browser window. Some pop-up blockers might not permit that. It will seem like the link does not work.

To correct this... Either hold down the Ctrl key when you click or add "" as an "allowed site."

Accept Cookies and Enable JavaScript

SBI! sets cookies to store and swap data between screens. It also uses JavaScript. Browsers accept these by default. However, if you disable cookies or JavaScript, you'll have problems using SBI!. If you have disabled either of these, please enable and never disable these on your browser.

Date and Time

Make sure the date and time of your computer have been correctly set. Cookies time out based on perceived time delays.

Use the Help

Click on every Help Icon you see. There are extensive help and tips throughout. This information will help you wring the most out of Brainstorm It! and SBI!.

If you need help with browser and system settings, please contact SiteSell Support.