Brainstorm It! -- Introduction

Brainstorm It! is Solo Build It!'s (SBI!'s) keyword brainstorming, researching and planning tool. It's the only keyword evaluation software tool that you'll need to find and develop a niche for your online business.

Brainstorm It! (we also call it BI!) is what's known as "software as a service" (SaaS). Everything is done through your browser. There's no software to download, no data to save on your computer. All your keyword research, evaluation and blueprint data is stored in SBI!'s database, housed on SiteSell's computers. Your data is safe and totally backed up.

Brainstorm It!...

After you've developed your niche, brainstormed your topics, planned your site, and then registered your domain name, you're super-prepared in a way that few small-business people ever prepare! Brainstorm It! delivers a "site map to success."

Use it when you're starting your site, yes. And use it later, when you need to "come back to the well" for more in-demand topics/ideas for your site.

Important: SBI! sometimes needs to open a new browser window. Some pop-up blockers might not permit that. It will seem like the click "does not work." Either hold down the Ctrl key when you click or add "" as an "allowed site" in your browser to enable SBI! to work properly.

Ready? Let's go...

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